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Clippers and Shavers Plus Oral-B

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Professional Clipper Blade Sharpening

Hollow Ground for Oster, Wahl, Andis Quick Change Grooming Blades.

Combination Hollow and Flat for barber adjustable blade clippers.


Competitive Pricing;

Standard Blades $6.50ea.

Wide Blades $7.00 ea.

Large Animal and Sheep Shears $8.00 ea. (Sunbeam Stewart Etc.)


We are dedicated to providing the best sharpening service in the industry.

Blades are not just sharpened and put back together.


When you send or bring blades to us they are first inspected for damage and proper blade tension. The blades are then dismantled. Sockets are cleaned and checked for adjustment, tension springs are cleaned and inspected for damaged blade rides. Blades are then sharpened on our precision hollow ground large honing disk, then inspected on our test block for proper grinding to make sure just enough metal has been removed from your blades and have a true hollow grind. Blades are then thoroughly brushed down in a special cleaning and sanitizing solution, the brushing will remove any slight metal burrs left on the cutters so they won’t scar your blades while clipping. The sharpened blades are thoroughly dried and are now assembled and lubricated after adjusting spring tension on the blades needing it. After blades are  assembled they are retested for proper tension which we like at 2 3/4 lb. If tension is too much you will have premature dulling , heating up, and excessive load on your clipper. Finally, each blade is tested on our thick fur and test string for smooth cutting to assure that your blades are returned to you in proper cutting condition.

You will smile with your first pass as you see the fur fall from your clipper.

If you have some blades that were recently sharpened elsewhere and they are not cutting properly and you think they are ruined--we challenge you to send them to us for correction.

Straight scissor sharpening available on our Razor Hone Wheel.

Extremely smooth cutting. $8.00 and up depending on size and condition of scissor



c/o R. Clousher 24 Tammy Ct.

Hanover, PA 17331

Please include your email address and phone number.

If paying via credit card you may include number and expiration date with you blades, or we can email you the total and you may call at your convenience.

DO NOT email your credit information.

Include an itemized listing of your blades.

Visa, Mastercard,Discover,American Express


We charge actual shipping  cost plus a modest $2.00 fee for proper packaging for the return shipping of your blades.

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