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WAHL Clipper and Trimmer Blades

Including Groomsman Beard & Mustache Trimmers.

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Clipper and Trimmer Blade Attachment Guide Combs

Wahl Standard 2 Hole Blade Fitting Most Home Clippers

PN 1045 Blades. Now with tube of oil model  Pk.# 2050-500

Fits: 9100 SC, 9200, 9400 MC, thru 9600 SC,  9700 MC.

Price $10.99 ea.  Also fits  some and Sterling Models 8900 with same drive slot on blade as pictured.

Precision Wahl USA Imprint Back of Blade

Wahl Adjusto-Lock 3 hole Clipper Blade Set forDesigner and Sterling Models.

Wahl Adjusto-Lock Clipper Blade #1005-100

3 hole blade

Standard size, fits Senior, Designer, Sterling :

Sterling 4, Sterling 1 Plus

Comes with oil, screws and adjustment rings.

Special $14.95

Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Blades

Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Blades

Fits Regular Groomsman Cam Slot Blade Types  Cord/Cordless,

Rechargeable, Corded Models and Battery Models. Old Versions


NOT for Trim & Vac  Series

$12.99 per Set.  PN #1046-100     In Stock

Wahl Trim & Vac Replacement Blade Set
For Model 5570

Wahl Trim & Vac

Replacement Blade Set

For Model 5570 old version

PN #2110   Sold Out do not order

Wahl Vision Beard Trimmer Blade

Wahl Vision Beard & Mustache Trimmer Blades

For V-180, G180 Vision  older Models

PN #2120

Wahl Groomsman XL and Revolution Replacement Blades #2040

Wahl Blade Set for Groomsman XL 180 Trimmer and Revolution Beard & Mustache Trimmers.



Wahl Clipper & Trimmer

Guide Comb Attachments

Wahl Clipper Blade Guide Comb AttachmentWahl Clipper Blade Guide Comb AttachmentWahl Clipper Blade Guide Comb AttachmentWahl Guide Comb Attachment #10, #12Wahl Clipper Blade Guide Comb Attachment

Examples of different size cuts pictured. To make it easy to order we set up a table with the number and the size of each comb available. To order just select the number of the comb that is the size you need.

#1 Out do not order


#2 ******1/4" *****$1.99


#3 ******3/8" *****$1.99


#4 ******1/2" *****$1.99


#5 ******5/8" *****$2.39


#6 ******3/4" *****$2.39


#7 ******7/8" *****$2.39


#8 *******1"  *****$2.39


#10 *****1 1/4" ***$3.79


#12 *****1 1/2" ***$4.39




Order by Number

Wahl Guide Comb #12

Wahl Guide Comb #8

Wahl Guide #2


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York County, PA 17331

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Wahl Guide Comb Set of 2

Left Ear & Right Ear Taper


$3.89 Set

Wahl Guide Comb Set of 3

Includes 1 of each size

1/4th, 3/8th and 1/2”


$4.99 Set

Wahl Guide Comb Attachment Left and Right Ear Taper
Wahl 4 piece trimmer attachment set

Wahl Trimmer Guide Comb Set #3159


Fits all Wahl Trimmers with 1” straight sided blades, Groomsman, and Trimmer Blade 1046

Set Price


Wahl 5 Position Trimmer Attachment

Wahl 5 Position Guide Attachment #3156 & #3155

Fits all 1” Older Wahl Trimmers

8900, 8900-500, 8040, 9985, Omega

1/8th” to 5/8th”


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Clipper Oil

Wahl Revolution 6 Position Guide Comb Attachment

PN 3151  Sold Out(no picture, looks like 3239 at right).

Wahl Clipper Eyebrow Attachment

Fits Standard size Wahl Clipper Blades

PN 3453

Sold Out

New Style 6 position Guide Attachment

Fits 1” size trimmers.


New Style 1” Trimmer Blade Set

Fits 9906, 9916, 9918, 9962, and 9971  Series

Fits models with Two Hole Pivot Blade  Drive

Check Picture

New Versions PN #1001-200-----$12.99

Wahl Trimmer Blade #1001-200
Fits 9906, 9916, 9918, 9962, 9971
Wahl 6 Position Guide Comb.Wahl Eye Brow Guide Comb for Wahl Clipper

NEW 1/16th” for the scruffy cut look. $1.99 ea.

PN 00  In Stock

Wahl blade #1062 T Shaped Wide

Wahl T Shape Trimmer Blades  


Check drive slot on blade as pictured

Sterling, 5 Star etc.


Wahl Clipper Blades 1045 with oil

Some pictures are courtesy of Wahl Clipper Corp.

Attachments for Wahl Deluxe Mini Pro Clipper Model 9307***

6 Piece Attachment Complete Set SOLD OUT




1/2 inch

Left Ear

Right Ear   Set is for Mini Pro

Attachments for Wahl T-Pro Trimmer Model 9307***

3 Piece T-Blade Attachment Set SOLD OUT



3/8th for T-Pro



Clippers and Shavers Plus Oral-B

Special Set of 6 Guide Combs


Left Ear and Right Ear

Fits all Wahl Full Size Clipper Blades



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Clipper Guide Combs

Trimmer Attachments

Wahl 2 hole blade  IN STOCK

Wahl 3 hole blade       In Stock

Wahl  1062 T-Blade       In Stock

Wahl 1001-200     In Stock

Wahl Vision Blade          Sold Out do not order

Wahl 2040 Blade           OUT do not order

  L & R      In Stock

Set of 3        In Stock

Set of 6        In Stock

Eyebrow Out of Stock

#3159   Out of Stock

#3155-56       In Stock


#3239      Out of stock, do not order

Mini Pro 6 piece       SOLD OUT

T Pro 3 piece       SOLD OUT

Shipping over $5.40 REFUNDED

T-Shaped Trimmer Guides

Fits Wahl Detailer, Bling

Sterling Definitions, Omega, Stylist

5 Star G-Whiz, Hero, Razor Edger

3 Guide Combs




These guides will fit over T Shaped Blade

Models made after August 2005

Your unit needs to have a notch in the body under the center bottom of the blade.

If there is no notch in the body behind the blade these will NOT FIT.

PN 3059  $3.95

Sorry, Out of STOCK