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Wahl Clipper Battery for Model 8725

Wahl Clipper Battery #93151-001 - 2.4 Volts

Fits Model 8725 Eclipse


Will not replace the newer L-ION Battery

Wahl Clipper and Trimmer Batteries

Wahl Battery 745-200 for soldered in Groomsman and 8000 series  models

Wahl Clipper Battery #000745-200 - 1.2 Volts

Fits Models 7060, 8058, 8078, 8892,8900, 8990,

and Groomsman Beard & Mustache Trimmer

 Soldered in Type. Size Sub-C 1500 mAh

discontinued  soldered installation. SOLD OUT

Wahl Groomsman Battery #93148-100 Hi Top Pop In

Wahl Groomsman Trimmer Battery # 93148-100 - 1.2 Volts

Fits All Model Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmers that take the (HI TOP) Pop In Battery, No Soldering Required

Models are 9916-9918-9920-9925-9940-9326

Size 2/3rd Sub-C

$8.99 Easy installation.

Wahl Battery # 93154-101 AA size, no solder tabsWahl Battery # 93154-101 AA size, no solder tabsWahl Battery # 93154-101 AA size, no solder tabs

Wahl Battery Fits Vision Beard & Mustache Trimmer

#93154-102 Nickel Metal Hydride 1.2 Volts - 1600mAh

Replaces 93154 and 93154-001 Ni-Cad and 93154-101 Ni-Hyd.


Wahl Battery Fits Alpha, Flair (requires 2), 8550-500

#93154-102 Nickel Metal Hydride 1.2 Volts ea. - 1600mAh

Size AA

2 for $16.99 Easy Installation (no solder tabs)

These batteries also fit Models 9550, 9590, 9851, 9852 Pro Series Pet

Wahl Battery #93155 for trim & vac model 5570

Wahl Battery #93155 Fits Older Model 5570 Trim & Vac. with the 2 size clipping blades. If you only have a single blade this will not fit.  Ni-Cad, 1.2 Volts, Size 4/5th -- 2/3rd Sub C

Tabbed for solder connection.

No Longer Available

Wahl Battery # 93154-101 AA size, no solder tabsWahl Logo

NEW Wahl Battery #93167-100 Fits Models Beret, MAG

Ni-MHY 1.2 Volts, Size AA with Solder Tabs

Installation Solder connection. Now 2000 mAh

$8.99 ea. Now by Panasonic higher amp hours.

Wahl Clipper Blade Oil 4 oz. Bottle

Wahl Clipper

Blade Oil

Large 4 oz. Bottle  #3310


Use only Original Wahl Replacement Batteries.


AA and Sub-C Batteries are available for many applications in different configurations. Often the capacity of the charge is only 600mAh.

These are insufficient for Wahl Clipper Applications.


To be sure always compare the part number on the battery.

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Wahl Clipper and Shaver Battery #745-302

Wahl Battery # 745-302 Tabbed Sub-C 1.2 Volts


Solder Connection Installation




Clippers and Shavers Plus Oral-B

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93151-001 SOLD OUT

000745-200 SOLD OUT

93148-100 IN STOCK

Discontinuedno stock

Discontinued NO STOCK

93167-100  In stock

3310   Sold Out do not order

Wahl Battery # 00745-800  Sub-C 1.2 Volts No Solder Tabs

Ni-Cad 1500mAh.  Will fit Wahl Revolution Trimmer

SOLD OUT  Sold Out do not order

Wahl Clipper and Shaver Battery #745-302