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Wahl Charging Cord for Shaver

Wahl Shaver Service Parts, Batteries

 Wahl Converter Charging Cord

  This Charger  fits the 3500, 4000 & 5 Star Series Shavers      

PN #97617-100 discontinued

Not Available, do not order

Wahl 3500 Dynaflex ShaverWahl Shaver Battery #745-302

Most batteries for these shavers are soldered in but there was a period for 2 or 3 years that they were push in with spring contacts

This Battery will fit both styles.

If you don’t need the solder tabs just bend them back to use as push in type.

PN 745-302 SOLD OUT

Batteries   SOLD OUT

Wahl  Battery for these Pictured Shavers

PN745-302 --sold out

Battery Wahl Dynaflex, 3500 and 4000 Series Shavers

Wahl shaver drive finger with rubber seal for new version 4000

Plastic Drive Oscillator For The  4000 Series

This part is no longer available. .

. Care should be used in removing the side panels.

We send it as pictured without a rubber seal.



Wahl 3500 Dynaflex ShaverSide Panels for New Version Wahl 4000 Series Shaver

Side Panels for New Version 4000 Series Wahl Shaver.

Typically the main reason you would need to use these would be if a bump or vibration caused a wire to come loose or break that makes dismantling and soldering necessary. The other reason would be for appearance due to wear. They are sold as a set only. If dismantling is needed use care concerning the spring loaded head release button.


$5.49 Set

Wahl Shaver Plastic Pro Cap

Plastic Protective Cover

Fits all the above Dyna Flex, 3500 and 4000 Series

Also fits 5 Star and Face Saver Models.

Does NOT Fit 5000 series shavers

$3.99 Each

We are an Authorized Service Center for Wahl Shavers , home use models.



We still do out of warranty restorations on all the older Dyna Flex, 3500 and 4000 series shavers.

If interested email us describing the problem and we will be happy to send you an estimate for repairs. Include your zip code so we can include shipping cost.

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We Recommend to Shave As Dry as Possible with a Wahl Shaver. If You use a Pre Shave, Let it Dry Your Skin and Set Up Your Whiskers Before Shaving.

This will take a few minutes.

Wahl cutters will clog easily if not cleaned regularly. A well maintained shaver will reward you with better shaves and less problems.



Clippers and Shavers Plus Oral-B

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Super 5 Star Shaver.jpg

Wahl Bump Free Cord/Cordless Shaver

Not sold to California Customers

Super Close

All the regular foils and cutters for the 3500-4000-4400 series fit this shaver.

See them HERE

Includes Shaver, Cleaning Brush, Recharging Transformer, Plastic Guard and Instructions.

Price $66.99   Original Wahl Design

Note- The gold foil replacement comes with a Burgundy colored housing and is sold with the cutter.

For in Warranty Service Braun Shavers

Call 1-800-272-8611

If out of Warranty and parts are of internal nature, call  us for available repairs.

For in Warranty Oral-B

Call 1-800-566-7252

No Longer Available      SOLD OUT


Wahl Shaver  SOLD OUT XX

Wahl Lithium Ion 3 in 1 Shaver

Wahl Lithium Ion 3 in 1


Beard trimmer guides

App. 2 hour run time on full charge

Model 9937

5 Year Warranty



Registration must be filled out and sent in to Wahl.

Free replacement shaver heads for life. Read details in use instructions.

Wahl Custom Shaver New 4000 Series

Wahl Custom Shave Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Shaver

Includes Pop Up Trimmer

 Shaver features ergonomic shape with soft touch grips, pop-up trimmer which extends to provide high visibility for trimming sideburns, beard or mustache & charging LED. Kit includes three shaving heads for close, sensitive and ultra clean shaving. The Wahl Custom Shave System offers superior closeness and comfort.